World Class Collaboration

SequisCenter is a part of the SequisTower complex. SequisCenter has brought together some of the world’s most respected teams in landscape design and signage consultant. 

SWA Group (Landscape Design), USA
SWA is a landscape architecture, urban design and planning firm, with a network of seven studios worldwide. They create vibrant places that are at once ecologically resilient, aesthetically compelling and socially beneficial. Their works has received worldwide recognition for its innovative excellence such as Burj Khalifa, University of California USA and Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition at Rio de Janeiro.
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Urbanite –part of Frost*collective– are proud to be recognized as one of Australia’s foremost authorities on brand in the built environment. They have installed over 9,000 signs in a world-class strategic signage solution at the heart of the largest and highest profile Sydney development in over a century –Barangaroo

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About Farpoint

Sequis Center is managed by FARPOINT, an Indonesian real estate developer that delivers and manages distinctive properties of high quality standard and design. It is the wholly owned subsidiary of Gunung Sewu Group, a respected and well-established business group in Indonesia. FARPOINT is backed by more than 30 years of solid experience in the development and asset management of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail properties.